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Tanjong Beach Club 🌊

Hello everyone!! I recently went to Tanjong Beach Club with my friend becos I’ve been wanting to go to the beach for the loooongest time. I guess it’s becos it’s been raining almost everyday in Singapore, at least the area I live, so I’ve been craving a day in the sun ☀️ I finally made plans with my friend who loves the beach as well to go to Tanjong Beach Club!!

We met for lunch at Vivo City and made our way into Sentosa! We decided to walk in by the broad walk, and then take the Sentosa Express from Imbiah Station to Beach Station becos if you just take the Sentosa Express from Vivo City itself, I think it’s around $5? And, it’s free when you walk in soooooooo 🤓 Just a tip if you wanna save some cash, hehe.

ANYWAY, we took the tram from Beach Station to TCB and it was pretty quiet when we went on a Thursday afternoon. Also, if you want a sun bed, you’ll have to spend at least $50 to get it. And yes, that’s exactly what we did 💸💸💸 While waiting for our food, we of cos decided to take some pictures by the beach hehe.

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This is me admiring a girl on the beach who had a photographer taking her pictures, and MAN, was she confident hahaha. Oh, and if anyone was wondering, my bikini is from Victoria’s Secret 👙 It’s actually not a bikini, but I’m wearing it as one cos why not hahaha. Also, please be kind haha I know I’m really thin but I’ve legit been trying to gain weight, but I just gain it really slowly…….

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So, ANYWAY, we ordered Truffle Fries ($15), Crispy Calamari ($20), Tanjong Lemonade ($10) and…… IDK, lol my friend got some tea which I cannot find on the TCB website but I’m pretty sure it was under the Mocktails hahaha 🍹

Our food arrived pretty shortly, and as we were still taking pictures, the staff placed covers over our food to prevent flies and birds from getting to our food haha. I have to say the service provided by all the staff at TCB was really incredible, so kudos to them for that, it really made my experience there even more amazing than it already was 👍🏻

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I really enjoyed the food, especially the Truffle fries 🍟 It had a good amount of truffle oil on the fries and the fries they have are thin, thus, they were really crispy (the type of fries I like). The calamari was pretty good too, and they give relatively large portions. The lemon-y sauce which came with the calamari complimented the calamari well too.

I think the food and drinks were good, but the price is a little steep if you were to only come with another friend. So, I suggest you go with a few more friends than I did haha 😊 Becos, at the end, we were pretty full and couldn’t finish all the food haha.

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All in all, I really enjoyed my time at TCB, and I like that it is a lot quieter and I just feel like it’s a lot more….. ‘chill’. If you get what I mean haha. I really loved the customer service provided and the food and drinks were great too. So, next time if you’re free, you can give TCB a try!!

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you guys next time 🤓

Tanjong Beach Club

Address: 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa Island, 098942
Telephone: 6270 1355
Opening Hours: Mon: 12pm – 10pm |Tues-Fri: 11am – 10pm|Sat: 10am – 10pm |Sun: 10am – 11pm